Social Sport

SOCIAL SPORT UPDATE as of 25/03/2020:

If you have registered for Social Sport this Semester in either Cairns or Townsville the following will apply:

  • Both Townsville and Cairns registered participants will have a portion of their Social Sport registration rolled over to the next available Social Sport Competition. g. If 8 out of 10 weeks of Social Sport are not played, 8 weeks worth of Social Sport will be rolled over to the next Social Sport Competition. 
  • Unfortunately we do know when we will be able to start Social Sport again but any member who is unable to redeem this amount for the next Social Sport competition (e.g. Moving from Townsville, On an Exchange Program), you may apply to request a partial refund for an unused portion of your Social Sport Registration.  This also applies to any forfeit fees that the participant paid on behalf of the team (note this is for Townsville Only). 

To apply, complete an application for refund form.  This form is available to download on our website which you will find at the bottom of this page.  Please electronically fill out the form, provide a reason a refund is needed and email this form to [email protected]

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If you would like more information about Social Sport, feel free to look through the rules and regulations.

For questions and enquires, email [email protected]


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