The results are in!

Below is the order in which the following candidates will be listed for the electronic vote, as drawn on Monday 23rd September at the JCU Student Association Office at 4:15pm. 

Click on each name to view their policy statement or read the Election edition of the Bullsheet.


  1. Adam Brown (Your Student VOICE)
  2. Thomas O'Grady
  3. Phillip Kirk (Your Campus 2020)

Vice President

  1. Kyran Mellor (Your Campus 2020)
  2. Dillon Weightman (Your Student VOICE)

Equity & Diversity Officer

  1. Sarah Davison (Your Student VOICE)
  2. Marie Ah Phew

Townsville Campus Officer

  1. Emily Mulroy (Your Student VOICE)
  2. Zayd Dunsmuir (Your Campus 2020)

Cairns Campus Officer

  1. Alexander Nott (Your Campus 2020)
  2. Harrison Hughes

Congratulations to the following students who were elected unopposed and will fill the following positions:

Postgraduate Officer - Rei Assai
International Officer - Claire Barr (Your Campus 2020)



Nominations are called for the following position on the Fiftieth (50th) Student Association Council to take office from 1st November 2019 to 31st October 2020 inclusive.  




(Who must be enrolled on the Cairns Campus)

(Who must be enrolled on the Townsville Campus)

(Who must be enrolled as a Postgraduate student)


(Who must be enrolled as an International student).


Note: Nominees should note that the current remuneration levels payable to office bearers may not be available in 2020. In addition it should be noted that the current structure of the Association, including the titles and number of office bearer positions, may not be maintained from 2020 onwards because of possible changes to the Constitution and Regulations.


All Ordinary members of the Student Association who are enrolled as at 9am on 17th September 2019 are eligible to nominate candidates and to vote for candidates in each of the categories listed above.

The Student Association Regulations set out how the election is to be conducted and the roles and responsibilities of all involved. Candidates and potential candidates, as well as all students, are advised to read the Regulations and in particular, Part 8 – Elections

8.11 Approval of Election Material – All electoral material must be submitted to the Electoral Officer for approval before publication or display.

8.12 Authorisation of Electoral Material – All material must name the candidate standing for election who has authorised the material.

8.13 Association Council Induction – All members elected to Council must attend an Association Council Induction outlining the duties and responsibilities involved in being a member of the Association Council.

Nominations open at 9am on Monday 9th September and close at 4pm on Monday 23rd September 2019.

Nomination forms are available from the Townsville Campus Student Association Office and the Cairns Campus Student Association Office or via email to the Secretary, Catherine Fraser ([email protected]).

Policy statements must be submitted with nominations, or the nomination will be declared invalid. No person shall nominate more than one person for any particular position.

The election will be held on Tuesday 8th October and Wednesday 9th October 2019.

Polling will be conducted via electronic ballot. Eligible members of the JCU Student Association will vote through the JCU Students online portal. An email will be sent to JCU Student Association members with a link to the voting system. Voting should be possible from most devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and computers. The electronic voting process will be managed by JCU. 

A Pre-Election briefing will be held for Ordinary Members of the Association interested in or considering nominating for an elected position on the Association Council. During this briefing the Electoral Officer or his/her delegate will outline the duties and responsibilities involved with being a member of the Association Council.

The briefing and Video Conference will be conducted Monday the 9th of September at 12pm across both Townsville & Cairns Campus with the option for Remote and External students to link in via ZOOM. Location of the briefing to be announced via the JCUSA Facebook page and email. 

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Electoral Officer or Deputy Electoral Officer.

Electoral Officer: Camilla Strom Email: [email protected]

Deputy Electoral Officer: Catherine Fraser Email: [email protected]  

Camilla Strom
Electoral Officer 2020

Important Dates

  • Pre-Election Briefing – Monday 9th September at 12pm.
    Townsville Building 004 – room 255
    Cairns Building B001 – room 108
  • Nominations – Opens Monday 9th September at 9am and closes Monday 23rd September at 4pm
  • Eligibility to vote – 9am on Tuesday 17th September 2019
  • Ticket Registrations are due – Monday 23rd September at 9am
  • Elections - Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th October
  • Results - The results will be announced, if possible on the evening of 9th October
  • Mandatory Councillor Induction - Monday 25th - Friday 29th November 

Further information about these dates can be found in the documents below.


The James Cook University Student Association works closely with the James Cook University. Please visit www.jcu.edu.au to find out more.