Townsville Interfaculty Sport

Your Faculty needs you! Click below for information on how to nominate to be your faculty's Sports representative.

Sports Rep Nomination Info.

Interfaculty sport is a FREE sports program where students are eligible to play to represent their enrolled faculty. 

Interfaculty sport is a free program, which consists of 6 sports played throughout the year between 6 faculty teams.

The rivalry between each faculty is growing and the competition gets bigger every year with results from throughout the year will decide which faculty becomes Interfaculty Champions!

Faculty Teams

  • Law, Business and Creative Arts (LBCA)
  • College of Arts, Society and Education (CASE)
  • Engineering, Science and Nursing
  • Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (RESSA)
  • Vet Sciences
  • Medicine and Pharmacy

Sports played

  • Table Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Basketball
  • Rugby League


From the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funding allocation to the JCU Student Association, it was decided that Inter-Faculty sport would be fully subsidised by SSAF funding. This is to encourage more students to participate in this sporting competition and to make sports more accessible to all students.



Law, Business and Creative Arts (LBCA)


College of Arts, Society and Education (CASE)


Engineering, Science and Nursing


Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (RESSA)


Vet Sciences


Medicine and Pharmacy


Each faculty team has a male and female sports rep, find them on your faculty page or email [email protected].

If you are unsure of which faculty you belong to, click on the Interfaculty Sport Course Allocation HERE

Please remain vigilant and stay COVID safe at your sporting events!

  • Sick? Do not play!: If you have any symptoms of illness including, but not limited to, running nose, coughing, Flu symptoms or nausea please do not come and play.


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