Townsville Interfaculty Sport

Semester 1 - 2021

Your Faculty needs you! Click below for information on how to nominate to be your faculty's Sports representative.

Sports Rep Nomination Info.

Interfaculty sport is a FREE sports program where students are eligible to play to represent their enrolled faculty. 

This semester we have Table Tennis, Touch Football and 6-a-side Soccer.

To sign up for any of the Interfaculty sports this semester, contact your faculty sports representative or feel free to email [email protected]

Table Tennis

The Interfaculty Table Tennis competition will kick off on Thursday 4th March 2021. It will run over 4 weeks on Thursdays. Anyone who is keen on playing Table Tennis, give your name and contact details to your faculty sports reps as soon as you can! Keep a close eye on our Facebook page for updates! 

Touch Football

The Interfaculty Touch Football competition is another great program here at JCU Townsville. The competition will kick-off on the 17th March and run on Wednesdays until the 31st March 2021. The competition is always hotly contested and we always get a series of tight competitive games. 

6-a-side Soccer

The Interfaculty 6-a-side soccer competition is an annual favourite here at JCU Townsville. The competition will kick-off on 10th of May and run on Tuesday nights until 18th May 2021. The competition is a lot of fun and we always get a heap of competitive games.  If you would like to represent your faculty, sign up with your sports representatives as soon as you can!

In second semester we have Basketball, Men's Rugby League and Women's Netball.

Basketball - Tuesday and Thursday, 10th, 12th 17th and 19th of August.

Rugby League - Wednesdays 8th September - 27th October.

Netball - Wednesdays 6th October - 27th October.

To sign up for any of the Interfaculty sports this semester, contact your faculty sports representative or feel free to email [email protected]

Please remain vigilant and stay COVID safe at your sporting events!

  • COVIDSafe App: We recommend the use of the Australian Gov COVIDSafe App.
  • Sick? Do not play!: If you have any symptoms of illness including, but not limited to, running nose, coughing, Flu symptoms or nausea please do not come and play.
  • Get in play and get out: Please ensure you arrive just in time to quickly check in for your match. Please don’t arrive early and congregate around the fields or courts. Match times are available on the “JCUSA Sport Townsville” Facebook page so you should be well-aware of when to arrive.
  • Check in and keep your distance: Do not crowd the check in desk; form a socially spaced line and follow any signed instructions on the ground or verbally set out by staff. Playing teams only on the courts and inside the court fence-line. Once you have checked in please keep your distance from others until it’s time to play.
  • Wash thoroughly and sanitise before and after play: Please shower and wash yourself thoroughly before, and immediately after play. Ensure you utilise the hand sanitizer available at the desk and apply liberally as often as practicable. 
  • Please take note of the signage: Both reminding you of the COVID safe measures in play and also of the Entry and Exit gates.
  • Work with staff to be active participants in the new prevention measures:  It is important that participants help to ensure the COVID safe plan and its directives are met. Ensure the balls are returned to staff to clean and sanitise it after/before play. Look to socially distance when not playing and stay aware of surroundings.


Email [email protected] or jump on the Facebook groups below to get in touch with your student reps.

Engo, Science and Nursing

Medicine and Pharmacy

Law and Business

Arts, Society and Education

Rehab and Exercise Science



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