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Please read the below JCUSA Advocacy Service Charter before filling out the below request form.

JCUSA Advocacy Service Charter 

Please be aware that we do not maintain 24-hour access to email accounts and your request may not be checked after regular business hours during the week or on the weekend.

This form is for initial contact with advocacy services. You will be assigned an Advocate who will book all further appointments with you via email. 

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Academic Progression/Unsatisfactory Performance
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Professional Misconduct
Leave Of Absence
Withdrawal Without Financial and/or Academic Penalty
Safety and Wellbeing
Review of Final Subject Result
Special Consideration
Click on the here for more information about each one if you're not sure (please select all that apply, and/or other, below)

Summary of concern Please provide a brief summary of the issue you'd like to see an advocate for.

If your matter relates to a specific subject, please specify (optional) E.g. MA1020, PY1101

What (if anything) has happened so far in relation to this issue? I.e. notice or outcome received, informal attempts at resolution etc

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Additional documentation

For us to best assist you, please upload any relevant documents here. This could include:

- University letters and evidence you have been sent
- Emails, TEAMS messages etc that you have sent or received about this matter
- Screenshots/copies of assessment instructions or results
- Medical certificates/other documentation - If relevant to your enquiry

If you have more than 3 relevant documents, you can send these directly to your Advocate once your case has been allocated.

Additional documentation.

Additional documentation.

Additional documentation.

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