Fitness Centre FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the JCUSA Fitness Centre be lending out towels for members to use?

Due to COVID19 restrictions and ensuring the safety of our staff, we will not be hiring out gym towels. Members however will be able to purchase towels if required.

When I arrive at the Fitness Centre, what will I need to do?

When arriving at the Fitness Centre, please go through the entry side of the Fitness Centre. There will be hand sanitizer for you to use. Upon arrival, please scan your card into our system.

Will all gym equipment be in use?

To maintain 1.5m social distancing, some equipment will be closed off/shut down or removed temporarily.

Do I need to wipe down equipment after each use?

You are required to wipe down all equipment after each use. There will be JCUSA Staff on the floor monitoring the area to ensure all members are cleaning up after themselves as well as maintaining social distancing.

Am I allowed to borrow equipment from the gym reception?

Unfortunately, we will only be lending out equipment yoga mats for group fitness classes only. This is due to COVID19 restrictions as well as ensuring the safety of our staff and members. Yoga mats are allowed to be borrowed by users for Yoga and Pilates classes as they are under strict control measures with the instructor(s). We do however HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring your own yoga mat for the classes.

Will you be taking cash?

We will take cash however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you make a contactless payment.

Will the toilets and showers be allowed to use?


Will the water bubbler be in use?


Will I be allowed to use the Group Fitness Room while no classes are on?


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