JCUSA is committed to supporting players effectively in all aspects of harm minimisation, and the assessment and treatment of concussion to create safe sporting environments.

As a player of a JCUSA facilitated sport you are aware of and agree to the following:

Any player who has sustained a concussion cannot return to play for at least 19 days and must submit an independent doctor complete Form 403 JCUSA Sport Medical Clearance Form via the JCUSA sport website page;

Accurately and honestly completing any version of a registration form to participate in a JCUSA facilitated sport, including documenting previous concussions or head trauma;

Report any potential concussion symptoms, they experience;

Report if they suspect a team mate or fellow player could have concussion;

Follow any medical advice they receive;

Adhering to the below recommendations if a concussion is suspected:

  • Not be left alone initially (at least for the first 1–2 hours);
  • Not drinking alcohol;
  • Not using recreational drugs;
  • Not taking certain prescription medications including aspirin; anti-inflammatory medications, sedative medications or strong pain-relieving medications;
  • Not being sent home by themselves;
  • Not driving a motor vehicle; and
  • Seek the highest level of medical care reasonably available to ensure concussion is managed appropriately.

If JCUSA Sport and Recreation staff have advised you that you cannot play due to a suspected concussion do not enter any JCUSA field of play or any sporting initiative.

If you have sustained or had signs of concussion at another event/activity do not participate in our programs. 

JCUSA Sport & Recreation is not liable if you have sustained or had signs of concussion in the past 19 days and have not disclosed it to JCUSA Sport & Recreation staff.

JCUSA supports the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement of  "If in doubt, sit them out".

JCUSA Sport Medical Clearance Form

Please upload your completed Form 403 - JCUSA Medical Clearance Form

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