Secondhand Store

JCUSA has launched a Secondhand Store for students!

After the closure of the Co-op Bookshop, JCUSA is now offering students a space where they can buy and sell secondhand textbooks, lab coats and scientific calculators! 

We'll be selling these secondhand items right out of our office, so come down and browse anytime!


How do I sell my items?

Bring your items down to our office in Townsville or Cairns, fill out the required paperwork (including nominating an Australian bank account for payment), set a price and we'll take care of the rest! 

JCUSA will take care of storing and selling your items. Once the item is sold JCUSA will take a 20% commission out of the final sale price - this goes directly back into supporting the Student Association. Payments will then be made to you at the end of the month once the item is sold. 

Can I receive cash for my items?

No. Sellers are required to provide Australian bank account details where payments will be made. Cash is not paid out for items sold. 

How much should I sell my item for? 

The final sale price is made at your discretion, factoring in our 20% commission. The best option is to research how much others might be selling the same or a similar item before bringing it in. 

Can I sell other items other than textbooks, lab coats and scientific calculators?

At the moment we are only accepting these items. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have a suggestion for other items we might expand to in the future. 


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