What we do

What JCUSA Student Advocate can do for you as a JCU student:

  • Provide information on general university related questions and issues.
  • Assist in clarifying JCU student-related policies and procedures, or official correspondence from the University.
  • Accompany you to meetings, hearing or discussions with JCU staff, in person or by phone/video, or, in some cases represent you at University hearings.
  • Proof read your communications to the University, for example: informal complaints, formal complaints, misconduct or appeal statements, and other correspondence.
  • Promote self-advocacy to empower students to understand and act on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Act on your behalf where appropriate and as explained further in this document.

What JCUSA Student Advocate won’t do:

  • We are unlikely to be able to assist you if you wait until the last minute to request our assistance, provide information too late, and/or cancel meetings without warning;
  • We won’t write statements or letters to the University for you. We are happy to suggest how to structure your statements, advise you about content, and proof-read your writing;
  • We won’t contact a JCU staff member on your behalf unless your efforts have not been successful, or it would be inappropriate for you to communicate with JCU staff member yourself. The Advocate will discuss with you the various options available to meet your requirements before we take any action on your behalf;
  • We will not use or disclose personal and sensitive information about you without your consent, unless required to by law, or, where we reasonably believe that to do so is necessary to lessen or prevent:
    • a serious and imminent threat to an individual's life, health or safety;
    • or a serious threat to public health or public safety.
  • We cannot provide legal advice; or personal (emotional) counselling as it is outside the scope of the role of an Advocate;
  • We will not engage in any act that we feel is unsafe, discriminatory or unlawful, or that contradicts JCUSA or JCU policy;
  • Advocates will withdraw assistance if a student:
    • engages in frivolous or vexatious claims against a JCU student or staff member;
    • becomes verbally or physically aggressive towards an Advocate, another student or JCU staff member;
    • acting contrary to policies of JCUSA or JCU policy;
    • if it is in the best interest of the student to do so;
    • student debtors;
    • your request or situation is outside of the scope of the Advocates role;
  • We cannot assist you with matters that are outside the scope of your JCU experience and/or if the last relevant university interaction and/or if the latest interaction with JCU is greater than 12 months.

** PLEASE NOTE: This information is intended as a guide only. Reliable and up to date information can be obtained by contacting an Advocacy Officer **

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