New Gym Equipment to be installed in Townsville

JCUSA Fitness are proud to announce that the JCUSA Fitness Centre in Townsville will be installing new gym equipment into the facility. 

The facility will be fitted out with over $500,000 worth of new equipment, which is set to be installed in mid-September. 

JCUSA Sport & Recreation Manager Jason Conn is excited about the new equipment coming into the facility. 

“All of the staff within the facility are looking forward to fitting out the JCUSA Fitness Centre in Townsville with new and fantastic equipment.”

“Whilst the current equipment has served its purpose to our members, we know it is time to revitalise the gym with new equipment.  The new equipment is not only based on quality, but also based on the fitness industries trends/demands, user-friendliness and longevity” 

“We are very grateful to everyone who supported us in getting this equipment with everyone we had discussed with agreeing that the JCUSA Fitness Centre needs a new look.”

The JCUSA Fitness Centre has partnered with Life Fitness Australia to fit out the JCUSA Fitness Centre. 

Life Fitness Australia are looking forward to installing the equipment into the facility. 

“Life Fitness Australia is proud to be selected as the new gymnasium equipment supplier for the upgrades at the JCUSA Fitness Centre. Come mid-September, the facility will be refitted with the most state-of-the-art Life Fitness Cardiovascular and world-renowned Hammer Strength resistance equipment. The New Life Fitness Integrity SL cardiovascular equipment features Apple Watch, Bluetooth and Data Tracking capabilities via the Life Fitness Halo App. Complimenting this premium cardio offering will be a selection of Life Fitness Signature Series Cable Motion, Hammer Strength Selectorised and Hammer Strength Unilateral Plate Loaded equipment.”

The JCUSA Fitness Centre will also have equipment supplied by NC Fitness, Rogue Australia and Pavi Gym. 

The expected timeline for the installation of this equipment will take place in mid-September with more details to be finalised closer to the date. 

The installation of this equipment is part of a new plan to revitalise and expand on our services to our gym members. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email [email protected]

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