JCU League of Legends Registration

UniSport is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the partnership Oceania University League of Legends Championship in partnership with RIOT Games.

JCU in partnership with Society of Manga, Anime & Gaming (SoMAG), are organising their own tournament to decide who will represent JCU in the Regional Qualifers of the Oceania University League of Legends Championship.

The competition will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March.

The top five JCU students will be selected to have a chance to fight their way to the top and compete at the live broadcast nationals held in Sydney on the 25th of May!

If you are interested in competing, register your details down below. 

For information about the Ocenia University League of Legends Championship, click HERE

Entries will close Friday March 15. 

Any questions or concerns, email [email protected]

JCU League Of Legends Registration

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What is your Summoner Name?

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What is your Secondary Role?
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*Due to JCU's Occupational Health & Safety policy, entrants are required to supply their own gaming headset. Entrants are free to use their own keyboard and mouse if they choose.

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