Club Categories

Please see the list below for our affiliated clubs and societies along with their contact details.

Course Based Clubs Club Contact Email Facebook Page or Group
BA Society Stacie Muller email Facebook
Biomed Society Mikhalia Bryen email Facebook
Engineering Undergrad Jeremy Bendall email Facebook
Business Society Jack Middleton email Facebook 
Jcu Law Maclane Schloss email Facebook 
General Practise Students Bernadette King email  
Geology Society Grace Derrick email Facebook
IT @ JCU   email Facebook
Journalism Society Emma Idman email Facebook 
Occupational Therapy  Nathalie Khan email FB Page 

FB Group 
Psycholoy Club Ashlea Sutton email Facebook 
Speech Pathology Nikita Grant email Facebook 
Pharmacy Student Assoc Madeline Lowe email FB Page
FB Group 
Molecular Cell Biology Adrian Gemiarto email Facebook 
Nursing Society Sarah Robertshaw email Facebook
Society of Economic Geologists Jamie Alvarado email  
Zoology Student Association Elliot Budd  email Facebook 
Education Society Sean Hickey email Facebook

Sporting Clubs Contact Email Facebook Page or Group
Tennis James Sarima Email Facebook
Townsville Rowing club     Facebook 
Ultimate Disc   Email FB Page
FB Group 
Underwater Hockey Jordan Marano Email Facebook 
Serpents Basketball   Email  
Ross River Senior Football Club Mathew Currie Email Facebook
Water Polo Luke Cappello Email Facebook

Society and Culture Clubs Club Email Facebook Page or Group
JCU CARD gaming Society Simon Walker Email Facebook 
Act now Sophie Stringer Email  
Amnesty international Kristen Parkes Email Facebook 
Dhoom Medical Charity  Christian Pertudo Email  
Insaka Jonathan Wiener Email   
Bicycle User Group Josh Mcintyre Email FB Page
FB Group 
Chicks with Sticks  Angela Cunliffe Email Facebook 
Dungeons and Dragons Nicholas Stantomcook Email Facebook 
JCU gaming society Shaanan Braun Email Facebook 
Globetrotters James Reed Email Facebook 
Humanist Society Okeefe Easzon Email Facebook 
Liberal National Club Megan Carey Email Facebook 
Pride Alliance   Email Facebook 
Robotics and Electronics club Stuart Hinchliffe Email FB Page 
FB Group 
Surgical interest group Callie Killoran Email Facebook 
JCU UAV Elizabeth Peers Email Facebook 
RHINO Thomas Currie Email Facebook 
Rotaract Club Townsville   Email Facebook 
SANTE Archana Nagendiram Email Facebook 
SOMAG   Email Facebook 
Sustainability club Kareem Bahlawan Email Facebook 
Toastmasters   Email Facebook 
total Drama Society   Email Facebook 
Twin Cities Leos Club Sophie Seaden Email Facebook 
JCU Doctors for the Environment  Kuhan Perumynar Email Facebook 
Cultural and Religious Clubs Club Contact Email Facebook Page or Group
Christian Union Joshua Tanious Email Facebook 
Indonesian Student Association Akbar Reza Email  
Asian Cultural Society Andrew Wong Email Facebook 
Pacific island SA Nicholas Stantomcook Email Facebook 
LASA   Email Facebook 
Muslim Student Association Yassin Elsiwy Email Facebook 
PNG Student Association  Althea Painap Email Facebook 
FOCUS Monica Doss Email Facebook 

Residential Clubs Club Contact Email Facebook Page or Group
Saints Matthew Bakss Email Facebook 

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