Squash Courts FAQs

When will the Squash Courts Reopen?

Squash Courts will reopen from Monday August 10. 


How do I book a court?

To book a squash court, please either email [email protected] or call 4781 5930. 


Do I need to fill out any forms prior to using the squash courts?

All users will be required to fill out the squash courts hire agreement form which will be located at Gym Reception.  In addition to this, ALL PARTICIPANTS must sign the contact tracing form prior to using the squash courts. 


Do I need to bring any equipment to the squash courts?

In addition to bringing a towel and water bottle, participants must bring their own rackets and balls.  Rackets and balls will be available to purchase at Gym Reception however it will incur a cost. 


Will the JCUSA Fitness Centre be lending out squash rackets and balls for participants to use?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and ensuring the safety of our staff, we will not be hiring out rackets or balls.  Users may purchase rackets and balls if required. 


Do I have to do any cleaning of the squash courts after using the facility?

Upon arrival to collect the swipe card to use the facility, you will be advised prior to using and after using the facility that you are required to wipe down the door handles and switches in the venue.  You will be given alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer to complete the task.  You must return these items to Gym Reception upon finishing using the squash courts. 


Do I need to fill out the contact tracing form when I leave the squash courts?

When you return the cleaning items to the Gym Reception, all participants must sign the contact tracing form. 


Will you be taking cash?

We will take cash however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you make a contactless payment.


How many people are allowed in the facility?

A maximum of 8 people (4 per court) will be allowed into the facility at once.  The facility is to only be used to playing squash. 


Will the viewing area from level 1 be open?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the viewing will remain closed off until further notice.  Only those who are playing will only be allowed in the facility.  NO ONE should be hanging around at the facility. 


The James Cook University Student Association works closely with the James Cook University. Please visit www.jcu.edu.au to find out more.