Squash Courts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Gym Reopen?

The JCUSA Fitness Centre will reopen from Monday July 20.

When will my Gym Membership reactivate?

All gym memberships will reactivate from Monday July 20. This includes all JCUSA Memberships, Fitness Passports and memberships that are on direct debits via Paysmart.

Will the opening hours be the same?

The opening hours will remain the same.

Will there be Group Fitness Classes?

There will be Group Fitness Classes but temporarily there will only be a limited capacity/sessions. You must also book in for these sessions. 

How do you book in for a Group Fitness Class time?

To book in for a fitness class, click on the following link HERE. For instructions on how to register for a session time, click on the following link HERE.

How long will the booking system be in place for?

The booking system will remain in place until further notice (no exact date). We need to ensure that we are complying with COVID-19 protocols in collaboration with the university.

When I register for a Group Fitness Class, it says my email is not registered. What do I do there?

If you are getting this message this will either mean that your email address in our membership database is different to the one you are registering with or we don’t have an email address next to your membership. To resolve this, please either email us at [email protected] or call 07 4891 5930.

Do I need to fill out any forms prior to using the Fitness Centre?

All current members of the Fitness Centre are required to fill out the Fitness Facilities COVID-19 Induction Form which can be found HERE. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you either send this form to [email protected] or you bring it to the first booking session to save on time and contact with JCUSA Fitness Centre staff. Please note you are only required to submit this when you use the centre for the first time and are current members. New and renewing members are not required to fill this form out as it will be built into the new membership form.

Do I need to bring any equipment to the JCUSA Fitness Centre?

In addition to bringing the Fitness Facilities COVID-19 Induction Form (first time only). All Fitness Centre users must also bring a water bottle and a towel (minimum size of 69cm x 137cm). Fitness Centre users will be refused entry if they don’t bring either of those two items or the towel is too small. There will be towels and water bottles available at Gym Reception however it will incur a cost.

Will the JCUSA Fitness Centre be lending out towels for members to use?

Due to COVID19 restrictions and ensuring the safety of our staff, we will not be hiring out gym towels. Members however will be able to purchase towels if required.

When I arrive at the Fitness Centre, what will I need to do?

When arriving at the Fitness Centre, please go through the entry side of the Fitness Centre. There will be hand sanitizer for you to use. Upon arrival, please scan your card into our system and please ensure that you fill out the contact tracing form next to the scanner.

Do I need to fill out the contact tracing form when I leave the facility?

Any patrons who walk into the facility (including JCUSA Staff) are required to fill out the contact tracing form when leaving the premises.

Will all gym equipment be in use?

To maintain 1.5m social distancing, some equipment will be closed off/shut down or removed temporarily. Approximately 75% of all equipment within the facility will be active.

Do I need to wipe down equipment after each use?

You are required to wipe down all equipment after each use. There will be JCUSA Staff on the floor monitoring the area to ensure all members are cleaning up after themselves as well as maintaining social distancing.

Am I allowed to borrow equipment from the gym reception?

Unfortunately, we will only be lending out equipment yoga mats for group fitness classes only. This is due to COVID19 restrictions as well as ensuring the safety of our staff and members. Yoga mats are allowed to be borrowed by users for Yoga and Pilates classes as they are under strict control measures with the instructor(s). We do however HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring your own yoga mat for the classes.

Will you be taking cash?

We will take cash however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you make a contactless payment.

Will the toilets and showers be allowed to use?

Toilets will remain open for all patrons however due COVID19 restrictions the showers and the change room area will temporarily blocked off and not in use. The showers have been closed and locked and the change room benches have been moved temporarily.

Will I be able to use a locker to store my bag/personal belongings?

There will be a limited number of lockers available (to maintain social distancing) however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring minimal belongings (besides your towel and water bottle) therefore not requiring a locker.

Will the water bubbler be in use?

Due to COVID19 restrictions, the water bubbler will be turned off temporarily. It is important therefore to bring yourself a water bottle. If you don’t have a water bottle, you can purchase bottled water from the Gym Reception.

Will I be allowed to use the Group Fitness Room while no classes are on?

Due to COVID19 restrictions, the Group Fitness Room will remain shut to gym users and will be only open for Group Fitness Classes.

I have an enquiry regarding either the Fitness Centre or Sport and Recreation. Am I allowed to come into the facility?

Patrons are allowed to come into the facility for any enquiries however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you either call or email.

Here are the contact details: JCUSA Fitness Centre – [email protected] or call 07 4781 5930 JCUSA Sport & Recreation – [email protected] or call 07 4781 5932

Anyone who comes into the facility for an enquiry will be required to fill out the contact tracing form.

Will the JCU Pool be open from July 20?

Unfortunately the JCUSA Pool will remain shut until further notice. Currently the university is looking at the management of the pool on an ongoing basis. An exact date to reopen the facility has not been confirmed however we will inform you when this occurs.

Will the Squash Courts be open from July 20?

Unfortunately, the JCU Squash Courts will not be ready to open from July 20. JCUSA are currently working on a COVID Safe plan that for that building. This COVID Safe plan will be different to the Fitness Centre as the Squash Courts are located in a different building. There is no exact date for a reopening for these courts however we hope to have them open in the coming weeks.

Will the Tennis & Volleyball Courts be open from July 20?

The tennis and volleyball courts will not be open to the general public from July 20. We are in the process of updating the agreement forms to ensure that they comply with COVID19 Restrictions. You may be able to book these facilities if you are an affiliated club but you must email JCUSA Sport & Recreation [email protected] 


The James Cook University Student Association works closely with the James Cook University. Please visit www.jcu.edu.au to find out more.