JCUSA Sport and Townsville Sporting Wheelies are proud to introduce JCU's newest, and first inclusive sport, GOAL BALL!

JCUSA Sport have recently formed a partnership with The Townsvile Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association (A not-for profit group who provide sporting, recreational  and fitness opportunities to people of varying abilities, ).

Together we have developed a 10 Week Goalball program to be delivered on Campus, from the JCUSA Fitness center in Townsville. The program is kicking off in the prelude to Disability Action week (starting Monday 3rd September) 

Goal ball is an OLYMPIC adaptive sport played by sighted and non-sighted players. There's a completely even playing field with all players blindfolded, a ball with a bell inside and a set of goals you and your team mates will protect using your remaning senses and body only. It's super fun, and all the JCUSA team will definitely be getting involved!

See what it's all about- 

The 10 Week social Goal ball program will be starting Monday 3rd September from the JCUSA Fitness centre in Townsville. The program is $5 a session, but free for all JCU Students and Staff.

There is no sign up required, just rock up and play! If you, or anyone you know is interested make sure you let them know about this exciting opportunity at JCU! Jump onto the event Facebook page for more information!

See you down there!

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