JCUSA Sport & Recreation to introduce the JCUSA Sport Blues Awards

JCUSA Sport & Recreation in 2021 will be delivering their inaugural JCUSA Sport Blues Awards. 

The JCUSA Sport Blues Awards will honour JCU students in recognition of their outstanding sporting achievements throughout 2021. 

The Blues Awards originated back in the 1800s between Oxford and Cambridge universities.  Students at these universities would receive a blue ribbon and then later a blue jacket when representing their university which would later become a symbol of sporting excellence.  This tradition has since been adopted by various universities across Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand and this year JCU will join the list. 

Blues Awards will be broken into two groups – Blue & Half Blue. 

  • Blue – Students who have participated at a state or national level with distinction.
  • Half Blue – Students who have participated at a high level with distinction including local or state.

JCUSA Sport and Recreation Manager Jason Conn is proud to announce these awards. 

“It is very exciting to finally announce the JCUSA Sport Blues Awards.  It is great to have an awards night that will recognise the proud achievements of JCU Students at either local, state, national and/or international level”. 

The criteria to qualify for these awards are unique for JCU as it will reflect the region as well as the opportunities within North Queensland. 

“Based on the location and opportunities with the region, JCU cannot use the standard criteria for these awards that are adapted across Australian universities.  Therefore each sport will have its own criteria for these awards that reflect the pathway and opportunity in the region.  This unique criteria makes the JCUSA Sport Blues Awards special for the North Queensland Region” said Jason Conn. 

In another first, the JCUSA Sport Blues Awards will be showcased across both the Bebegu Yumba Campus in Townsville and the Nguma-bada Campus in Cairns. 

“We know there are several students across Cairns and Townsville who have big achievements in their sport.  Therefore we wanted to have two across both campuses”.

This year’s JCUSA Sport Blues Awards will be held on Friday October 22 in Townsville at the JCUSA Fitness Centre and Saturday October 23 in Cairns at the JCU Boathouse. 

Nominations for the JCUSA Sport Blues Awards are now open.  JCUSA Sport & Recreation encourage any JCU student who have achieved at a high level in their sport to nominate. 

“We have an outstanding selection panel who will vote on these awards.  The committee includes people across Townsville and Cairns as well as experience in a variety of sports including rugby league, AFL and basketball including former athletes who have competed at a national or international level for sport” said Jason Conn. 


Nominations close Wednesday October 6 at 5pm. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email [email protected]


The James Cook University Student Association works closely with the James Cook University. Please visit www.jcu.edu.au to find out more.