Club and Societies Affiliation Form

All forms mentioned in this application form can be downloaded and completed here:

Clubs & Societies Forms

Clubs & Societies Affiliation Application

Name of Club/Society

Calendar year

Club/Society Email Address

Club/Society Postal Address


Please complete the required forms and upload them below.

All items below must be supplied before you can be recognised as an affiliated club or society. All forms can be found at the link at the top of the page.

Inaugural General Meeting minutes

Constitution or Form 173 Club Society Constitution Template completed

Form 174 Club Society Letter of Introduction

A word processed brochure that includes the Club/Society logo, overview of the Club/Society, an explanation of what the Club/Society does and/or will do in the future, contact details for the Club/Society and any social media platform names, e.g. name of their Facebook group.

Form 368 Club/Society Executive and Membership List

Form 198 Clubs and Society Induction Form/s

Date Market Day Stall registered via the JCUSA website

Disclaimer and Acknowledgement of Request for Reaffiliation

As the authorised executive officers of the Club/Society applying for reaffiliation or affiliation to the James Cook University Student Association (JCUSA) have read, interpreted and understand and agree to the below:
1. The Club/Society will assure that all applicable JCUSA and JCU policies and procedures as well as federal, state, and local laws are observed and/or enforced, including JCUSA Policy POL003, POL048, POL091, JCUSA document DOC007 and JCU Policy Student Code of Conduct
2. The Club/Society will ensure that members using the JCUSA BBQ or any other equipment will have completed training provided by JCUSA prior to its use.
3. The Club/Society understands that the JCUSA Student Council can at its own discretion or upon advice from the JCUSA Clubs and Societies Committee disaffiliate a Club or Society, if a Club/Society has engaged in inappropriate conduct. Upon disaffiliation, JCUSA will withdraw support and funding (if applicable).
4. Depending on the type and severity of the misconduct the JCUSA Clubs and Societies Committee or the JCUSA Student Council can take further action under the JCU Student Misconduct Policy which could lead to further penalties for the student/s involved.
5. To be eligible to apply for a JCUSA SSAF Grant, we will charge a minimum of $5 membership fee per member, once, per calendar year.
6. As an affiliated Club/Society will ensure that two members of the executive committee will attend the JCUSA Club/Society Induction Night at the beginning of each semester and register for and attend the JCUSA Market Day that is held in Semester 1 and Semester 2 of each year.
7. Regular monitoring of the JCUSA website that pertains to Clubs and Societies for new policies, procedures and forms that will be read, interpreted and applied/utilised.
8. Complete any training requested by JCUSA, e.g. COVID Infection Control training, safe food handling, BBQ training etc.

Please sign and upload Form 356 Club Society Reaffiliation and Affiliation Disclaimer Form

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