Jordan Coonan to lead the Men’s Basketball Team in 2019

JCUSA Sport are happy to announce Jordan Coonan will return as the JCU Men’s Basketball Coach for 2019.

Jordan has been around JCUSA Sport since 2014 as both a player and coach.  As a former JCU student, Jordan was involved in both Fisher Shield for University Hall and Interfaculty Sport for Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (RESSA).  Jordan also competed for the JCU team at the 2017 Northern University Games where the team finished 5th

The JCU Alumni has also coached the University Hall men’s basketball team and was also coach of the JCU Men’s Basketball team at UniSport Nationals Div 2 in 2018.

Jordan is looking forward to coaching the team in 2019 as he sees the potential in the side.    

"I am very excited to be leading the men’s basketball team once again in 2019.  It was great to see last year how much the competition has change as it is more of an elite competition and the quality of the event has risen.  I know that JCU has some great basketballers studying here and I believe that we can surprise many teams at Div 2 this year".

JCUSA Sport and Recreation Manager Teisha Condie has welcomed Jordan back into the Nationals program. 

“Having someone like Jordan in the team that has had experience being at both the traditional Uni Games model and the current nationals program, is a huge asset to the JCUSA Sport team.  We know that the team was very disappointed that they were knocked out in such a heartbreaking way last year that upon the completion of the competition, it was more about what could have happened”.

“Basketball is one of our most popular sports at JCU and we know that there are some talented students at JCU.”

The men’s basketball team will be competing at UniSport Nationals Div 2 from July 7 – July 12. 

Jordan is the second JCU coach that JCUSA Sport have unveiled following the announcement that Campbell Yates will be returning as coach of the women’s rugby 7s side (read more about this HERE). 

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email [email protected]

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